My Interests

A summary of my current interests and passions.

  • Coder
  • Gamer
  • Arist
  • Snapchatter
  • Traveler

I'm Bryan, a Bay Area native and current student at the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science with an EECS minor. Essentially, I'm learning a lot of computer science, HCI/AI, hardware, and UX related-things before I pursue an MBA to couple it with. Living and working in the local tech community is my dream, though I'd like to also run a boba cafe.

Projects & Experience

A brief overview

Software Engineering Intern
Nokia Bell Labs

This summer, I'll be a Software Engineering Intern for Nokia Bell Labs division, working on creating innovative VR and AR technologies.

Project Lead
Virtual Reality at Berkeley

Last semester, I took over as Project Lead for VR@B's Augmented Reality Textbooks project. Using our engine for textbooks, we brought a full-color, augmented reality version of The Giving Tree to life complete with animations and audio narriation.

Co-Publisher, UX Designer
Kitelion Studios

In collaboration with Eli from Kitelion Studios, we created Sunset Brawlers, a 2D mobile game filled with pixel brawling chaos. What originally began as a gift to friends was nomindated for Indie Video Game of the Year!

I have many more various projects ranging from extensions, games, and gritty technical stuff!


Available right here as a PDF!
Don't be afraid to shoot me an email if you have questions.