My Background

    I'm Bryan, a Bay Area native and current student at the University of California, Berkeley. I've been dabbling in VR/AR, full-stack, and random hardware dev, though lately I've been involved with leadership, PM, and investing roles.

    Living and working in the local tech community is my dream, though I'd like to also run a boba cafe. Sometimes, I upload nerdy stuff to my YouTube channel.

Projects & Experience

A brief overview


Head of Software
CS370, Summer 2018

This summer, I'm co-teaching and developing course software for CS370, one of two official CS pedagogy classes offered at UC Berkeley. I'm working on web and course infrastructure, which includes a Flask site and an automated tutoring scheduler, built on PHP / MySQL / NGINX. It includes Google API integration and UC Berkeley API interactions.


Co-founder and Developer

I'm one of four co-founders and developers for Whitespace AR, a startup looking to revolutionize online canvas shopping with a personal, futuristic touch. Available for iOS.


Software Engineering Intern
Nokia Bell Labs

Last summer, I was Software Engineering Intern for Nokia Bell Labs. I worked on sweet enterprise-scale apps, using React.js, ARKit, and more.