My Background

    I'm Bryan, a Bay Area native and current student at the University of California, Berkeley. I've been dabbling in VR/AR, managment roles, and a lot of full-stack web dev.

    Living and working in the local tech community is my dream, though I'd like to also run a boba cafe. Sometimes, I upload nerdy stuff to my YouTube channel (now with over 30k views).

Projects & Experience

A brief overview


CS370, Fall 2018

Co-Instructor - Fall 2018, Head of Software - Summer 2018.
This summer, I'm co-teaching and developing course software for CS370, one of two official CS pedagogy classes offered at UC Berkeley. I'm working on web and course infrastructure, which includes a Flask site and an automated tutoring scheduler, built on PHP / MySQL / NGINX. It includes Google API integration and UC Berkeley API interactions.


Co-founder and Developer
Whitespace, 2017 - 2018

I'm one of four co-founders and developers for Whitespace AR, a startup looking to revolutionize online canvas shopping with a personal, futuristic touch. Available for iOS.


Software Engineering Intern
Nokia Bell Labs, Summer 2017

Last summer, I was Software Engineering Intern for Nokia Bell Labs. I worked on sweet enterprise-scale apps, using React.js, ARKit, and more.