No longer a corporate homepage!

Latest revision date: Feb 10th, 2018

  • R5.5 - Lots of updates, Whitespace, etc.
  • R5.2 - Added Nokia internship, updated side-projects and website homepage layout.
  • R5.0 - Complete redesign to integrate with for recruiters.
  • R4.8 - Updated information on index.html to more accurately reflect my progress through projects and education!
  • R4.7 - Added a dropdown toolbar for "Tools" - random features I plan to add to gradually such as GPA calculator, bibliography generator, DnD Dice Roller, etc.
  • R4.6 - Internship search preparation and classes.html added.
  • R4.5 - Updated and renamed about.html to feel more personal, adding to projects.html as of Summer 2016.
  • R4.4 - Cleaned up code, added basic content to About, Projects, and 61A.
  • R4.3 - Revised index.html, new footer layout, changelog.html added!
  • R4.2 - Ported to GitHub and hopefully this works better.
  • R4.1a - Custom error pages got added for fun.
  • R4 - Nicer graphics, usable contact box implemented.
  • R3 - First round of updated images, text, favicon.
  • R2 - Revised website to fit my personal use, using this beautiful new template to kickstart it.
  • R1 - Hello world!