Projects & Experience

(This was last updated in like... 2016)

Alexa Impressions

Amazon Alexa Skill - Boredom Solver

A simple skill I made for Amazon's Alexa promotion. It helps you solve boredom via decision trees and voice prompts. Actually has generated a surprising amount of consistent usage!

Nokia Bell Labs

Software Engineering Intern
Nokia Bell Labs

May 2017 - present
This summer, I'll be a Software Engineering Intern for Nokia Bell Labs division, working on creating innovative VR and AR technologies.

Project Lead
Virtual Reality at Berkeley

September 2016 - January 2018
Last semester semester, I was Project Lead for VR@B's Augmented Reality Textbooks project. In the past, we brought a full-color, augmented reality version of The Giving Tree to life complete with animations and audio narriation. Now, I'm advancing onto President of VR@B, prioritizing our educational and consulting branches.

Co-Publisher, UX Designer
Kitelion Studios

December 2015 - present
In collaboration with Eli from Kitelion Studios, we created Sunset Brawlers, a 2D mobile game filled with pixel brawling chaos. What originally began as a gift to friends was nomindated for Indie Video Game of the Year!

Prismy (Browser Extension)

April 2017 - present
I recently began working on this as a solo project. Prismy is a web safety rating tool built to be extremely lightweight and non-invasive - so you can keep browsing the web safely without any bloat or slowdown.

What's Next?

What's next? Or what's notable? Shoot me an email if you want to work together possibly too!